Our Difference


In the past with commercial photographic printing, a lab would make a print from a negative without consultation—assuming that a standard negative will produce a standard print. Many giclee printers and service bureaus continue in this tradition and demand a perfect file to make a basic print. This process can be unsatisfactory and frustrating as you can easily walk away with a failed print and not know why or what can be done about it. At Skink Ink, instead of just giving you a print, we proof, we discuss and advise— so we can work with you to get the print you want.


Most of us working at Skink Ink are working artists and photographers who make and exhibit art and pursue their own visual careers. Therefore we speak the language of art and artists, we understand and share your needs and requirements, we go the extra mile because we know how much the small things can matter.

We also understand artists' budgets are often limited but there is still a need for quality. So we stock both the high-end and inexpensive papers all hand-chosen for their high quality and archivability. We offer a 'Full Service' where we hand hold through the process so we can prevent you wasting money on bad prints or a 'Fast Track' service where you can save money by saving us work. We're not interested in wasting time, materials or your money in making prints that will fail. We're interested in printmaking, art and developing a stellar reputation for doing this well.


In 2014 we went to Shikoku in Japan to learn about making kozo washi paper at Awagami factory. We learned a lot, not just about traditional techniques of paper making but about also modern Japanese papers and what goes into their production and as a result we now offer an extensive range of digital washi papers from Awagami and others. This is just one of the ways we are extending ourselves to extend more to our clients.

“ The service is amazing—hard proofs are standard, prices are good, turn around is fast, and questions are easily answered. Having dealt with many printers before (I'm an illustrator/
designer), I can hands-down say that this was the most pleasant experience I've had thus far. No misplaced files or stupid mistakes. No damaged prints or missing pieces. No bad attitudes or extraneous charges. Just a set of fantastic prints from a friendly, very competent printer..”
—Lydia Nichols, Illustrator/Designer


Above: Making washi paper at Awagami Factory in Japan
Top bar: prints of works by Ross Racine, Madeline von Foerster, Lazarus Nazarro, Corwin Peck




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