Print on demand

Print on demand is a system that creates an ongoing relationship between Skink Ink and an artist, gallery or print-seller where we hold files for a body of work for the client and can print any number upon request. We can also pack and ship these on behalf of the client and we a can work with an arrangement where we receive automatic orders from a web site to execute the job. It is intended as a fulfillment process that is semi-automated to make it as simple and efficient as possible.

Also the pre-arranged pricing allows the client to set costs that are consistent and predictable not based on the quantity in any single order but that benefits from the kinds of discount usually offered for quantity as the numbers are aggregated over time.


There is a special pricing structure for POD that is scaled to reflect the quantity of anticipated sales. An agreement will be reached between Skink Ink and the client based on how many are expected to be sold and a pricing structure set that is based on quantity, size and materials chosen.

Where ‘Gilt’, ‘One Kings Lane’, or other specific timed auction sites are to be used there may be an additional handling charge to cover their specialist shipping procedures. In most other cases normal shipping charges will apply.

Clients will need to stipulate any pre-shipping arrangements such as holding prints for signing, use of certificates or stamps for authentication and lastly any marketing materials required to be sent with the prints. Generally there are no additional charges of this unless additional printing or fabrication is required.

Turnaround times will be established that will be influenced by all of the above but 5 days is normal.

“ My original book was 7" x 9". I was very skeptical about the quality that I could expect. Philip Riley turned these little pieces into exquisite prints that I am now reconfiguring again with drawings. the prints are almost too beautiful to mess with, but I will because I have to. And if I screw up, I'll just have him make another because his prices are very reasonable. Five thumbs up. Not to mention how easy and pleasurable it has been to work with him.”
—Howard Saunders, Artist

Top bar: Prints on canvas of Crop Circle photographs by Steve Alexander




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